Cities will be playgrounds filled with citizens anchored in love, honor, and purpose.


We are raising up the next generation of mentors by preparing young men (protégés), in grades 2-8 to exhibit leadership at home, school, and the community with support from adult mentors, parents & guardians, and each other.


We will help graduates:

  • Exhibit healthy prosocial behaviors
  • Have a connection with supportive adults who help further their future
  • Establish a lasting mentoring relationship with their adult mentor

Program Components

  • War Room Classes/Meetings – predictable environments that deepen relationships and foster growth
  • Boot Camp – activities that challenge character, build physical stamina and foster unity
  • Community Projects – events that expose others to the brotherhood while providing opportunities for platoons to serve
  • Brotherhood Breaks – fun activities that deepen the relationships within the brotherhood
  • Promotion Ceremonies – celebratory events that recognize the achievement of the protégés

Get Involved: Student or Mentor

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