Say that again…

Listen firsthand to the impact that the organization is having from those involved.

As an auntie of nine amazing boys being raised in Metropolitan Atlanta, it is of the utmost importance that they are able to not only live safely but also to have the tools they need to thrive. As I support MALF, I support the efforts of community leaders whose purpose is to provide mentorship, leadership, and guidance to young men and women who need the extra support that comes from the programs we support. World change starts at the community level. By supporting MALF, I support the change in the world that I want to see.

To start I must say I do miss being in YOUNG COMMANDERS because it truly set a stronger foundation for myself while being a coach. When the program first started, it was set to be a powerful movement that would motivate kids physically by getting them into shape, and mentally by helping with situations, they were possibly dealing with at home or school. Honestly, I do feel it affected the kids in a positive way, and being the younger coach still in high school, it also had a high impact on me.

The program showed me how to be the leader and make an example for not only the younger generations but all. Unfortunately, that is not promoted as it should be in this world, but in YOUNG COMMANDERS it was a standard set that I feel was and still is being fulfilled. This program has helped me in many cases and no not from telling people, but by showing self-control in infuriating situations, showing people I am not perfect, but I will do things to the best of my abilities. It really took me a long way, but it all started at the great foundation of YOUNG COMMANDERS!

MALF allows me to fulfill my purpose. I was born to serve, more specifically youth leadership and nonprofit management. This role has given me the opportunity to get the best of both worlds, and I am blessed to be serving in this capacity.

As a mentor, one time while I was riding along with Corn in the car during my high school senior year, I shared with Corn how I hated being bigger and taller than all of my peers, and Corn taught me that I needed to look at that different: because you stand out, whenever you enter a room, you can use that to your advantage; own and have influence over that room to benefit you and those in the room, and I never forgot that. To this day, I’ve learned to turn my challenge into my strength.

I truly believe in mentorship within the community, on jobs, etc. My passion for mentorship began through — you guessed it — mentorship! As a young middle school kid, I grew up in a home where my father was physically there but was absent emotionally. My brother and I got introduced to Young Life, and eventually, I became a part of a male-focused program called Young G.U.N.Z. This program brought together young males around the Metro Atlanta area for bible studies, recreational trips like paintballing and white-water rafting, and most importantly mentorship. The mentoring was not just a top-down method, rather Young G.U.N.Z. encouraged us to be mentors even as we were being mentored. As a high school student, I had the opportunity to be a mentor to middle school students. Young G.U.N.Z. instilled many leadership traits that I now carry on in my military career and personal life.

I am grateful for the men that impacted me through Young G.U.N.Z. Cornelius Williams, Curt Swilley, and Justin White, to name a few, all showed me how important it is to just be available. They all have families and children of their own but still found the time to make an impact on my life. Mentorship is important. I was blessed with an opportunity to help with another mentor program with Cornelius back in 2016-2017 called Young Commanders which focused on elementary-age males, which instilled characteristics of what it takes to become a great man. This program was a blessing to me as I now aspire to reach males in any way possible and make myself available when needed. The same impact these men made in my life will now be reciprocated through mine. That is the beauty of mentorship – it can have a lasting effect on generations!

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