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He Asked – She Said Yes

“Mawage, dat bwess-ed awaingement, a dweam wif-in a dweam….wuv, twooo wuuuv, wiw fowow you fo-evahhhh….” If you ever watched the movie The Princess Bride, you have immediately been taken back to the movie about romance, pirates and “true love.” My daughter just got engaged! In her words – level 2. Funny how the last 2 […]

Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Feel, Smarter than you Think

These words “Braver than you Believe, Stronger than you Feel, Smarter than you Think” are on a bracelet that my sister gave me. She gave them to all of her tribe who prayed her son through cancer. She said that it taught her that through Christ, and those with His Holy Spirit who intercede for […]

RIP Yukon Cornelius _____ – Sept. 19, 2021

My betta fish died. To most who hear that, they immediately hear a toilet flush in their head and they move on. I’m sad. Kids get me. I’ve heard about family funerals for pet fish who died. I buried Yukon in a cute box under my roses. There is sadness in loss, even little ones. […]

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Celebrate Good Times With Us!

Summer has arrived and we’ve officially reached the halfway point of 2021. Most people are either on vacation, preparing for vacation, or wishing they could go on one. Question for you: “What is one thing you said you wanted to do this year to MOVE FORWARD?”… Now, before you are too harsh on yourself in […]

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