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Can You Hear Me Now, God?

I have a recurring dream. I am frantically trying to get someone’s attention to help me escape an impending catastrophe. I try to speak, and the words come out sounding like a soundtrack that got jammed up at such slow speed that my words are intelligible and the person I am trying to urgently communicate […]

The Most Important FaceTime

There are some locations where the “can you hear me know” mantra just isn’t funny. Perhaps you are trying to relay some important information, and you see “poor connection” on your phone. Maybe you haven’t talked to someone in a long time and the connection is constantly refreshing or freezing up. You are having a […]

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Celebrate Good Times With Us!

Summer has arrived and we’ve officially reached the halfway point of 2021. Most people are either on vacation, preparing for vacation, or wishing they could go on one. Question for you: “What is one thing you said you wanted to do this year to MOVE FORWARD?”… Now, before you are too harsh on yourself in […]

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