Youth Mentoring Collaborative (YMC)

IMPACTING the lives of kids, one mentor at a time

We strengthen the mentoring relationship by providing program assessment, mentor certification, and capacity building to enhance the mentoring program’s effectiveness with mentors and mentees.

Mentor Certification

Effective mentoring begins with training

The aim of our evidenced-based certification is to adequately prepare your volunteer mentors to establish an effective relationship with their mentee(s). You can participate in one of our sessions or we can tailor the process to meet your training needs.

Allow us to support your mission to make a lasting impact in the lives of kids.

Mentor Academy

Helping you maintain the Standards

Did you know there are standards for mentoring programs? The Elements of Effective Practices for Mentoring program outlines a list of nationally recognized Gold Standards. Our desire is that EVERY mentoring program meets these standards.

Our continual training courses enable mentors to: (1) Reinforce their basic knowledge and develop the required skills to strengthen the mentoring relationship, and (2) acquire additional knowledge and skills to meet changes such as using innovative strategies and technology, dealing with mental health concerns, and addressing the impact of opioid/substance use.


A Community of Mission-Minded Practitioners

The Youth Mentoring Collaborative is a network of faith-based and faith-led organizations striving to transform the lives of students through mentoring.

Members of the network receive coaching, coordination of signature events, certification of mentors. and assistance with program development.

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It has been a pleasure, to serve with YMC. YMC has assisted us in understanding the need for measurable goals around our programs. We are worker bees that keep busy in our labor, it has been helpful to understand the necessity for collaboration in the areas we are not great at. Through the YMC we have been given access to the best common practices in mentoring young people and are able to use them with all of our coaches at no charge.

The organization helped me become a better nonprofit leader by focusing on the organization as a whole, instead of just the program components. The coaching has held me accountable for leading the various teams differently.

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