Upward Male Initiative

A Movement of Men

The UMI equips male mentoring programs with the information, resources, and networks they need to cultivate impactful and lasting relationships.

Business Solutions

We provide administrative support with marketing and financial management for mentoring programs.

Mentor Certification

We assist with the certification and placement of men ages 16+ with mentoring programs.

Program Development

We work with program directors with the assessment and enhancement of their mentoring processes.

Young Commanders Application & Waiver

The next generation of mentors begins with signing up to join our brotherhood

Signature Programs

Young G.U.N.Z. Discipleship Program

(6th-12th Grade)

Young G.U.N.Z. is a discipleship program that walks with young men to help them grow in their faith, build lasting friendships, and become servant-leaders.

We aim to develop and maintain constructive relationships between adults & young men. To equip young men to become positive role models within their family, school, and younger students. We accomplish this through conversations, training, and mission opportunities.

Young Commanders Leadership Program

(2nd-8th Grade)

Young Commanders prepare boys to exhibit leadership at home, school, and the community.

We strive to develop boys through a brotherhood, teach them to be Responsible, Accountable, and Dependable upholding the Young Commander’s Declaration.

Join Me Today!

“I’m really proud of my son. Whatever you said, keep it going…I think he’s finally beginning to open up and enjoy the group…thanks Coach.”

Young Commanders has helped me in many ways. For instance, in our declaration that we say every day it reminds me that I am a leader and teaches me to be a better man. Also, the team-building exercises we do every day allows me to exercise my leadership and help others when they are down. As a whole young commanders has helped me to become a leader and a better man. And for that, I love and appreciate the many friendships I’ve gained from young commanders.

Young G.U.N.Z has given me the opportunity to be a positive influence in the life of not only my mentee Kyle Jackson, but in the lives of other young men and their families as well. The family-like atmosphere amongst all involved is the true blessing as I am able to be inadvertently mentored by other men of God. The laughter, the smiles, and the growth of this family inspires me, and lets me know I am on the right path.

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