Prayer Initiative

Our mission can only be accomplished through God’s sovereign hand and the supernatural empowerment of His people working with others.

The prayer initiative is comprised of a group of people that makes a special investment to consistently uphold the organization and its partners in prayer. This initiative also provides fellowship, encouragement, accountability, involvement, and interaction with the staff, the board, and each other.

Join Us

The Secret to Open Prayer Call

Every 4th Tuesday of the Month at Noon and 9pm EST for 30 minutes via Zoom.

If you are interested in joining our prayer team, please contact our prayer coordinator at

Snow Day!!!!

The excitement that used to surround a southern snow day is somewhat tempered when said snow day falls on an already declared school holiday, and in this day of virtual work and school, there is also less exuberance surrounding the spontaneous vacation mindset that comes with the threat of snow. Nevertheless, it is still a […]

My Dog Doesn’t Cuddle

My dog, Cubbie, is a high energy, alpha female that weighs about 38 pounds. Too big to pick up and carry. She is a sweet love, and will come and beg for you to pet her. If she wants more, she will put her nose under your hand and flip it back onto her head […]

525,600 Minutes

525,600 is the number of minutes in a standard year. That means we have 1440 minutes each day, 365 times. So what do we do with them? A new year is the catalyst for many to analyze the past year and to set goals for the upcoming year. I have historically not been that analytical […]

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