Prayer Initiative

Our mission can only be accomplished through God’s sovereign hand and the supernatural empowerment of His people working with others.

The prayer initiative is comprised of a group of people that makes a special investment to consistently uphold the organization and its partners in prayer. This initiative also provides fellowship, encouragement, accountability, involvement, and interaction with the staff, the board, and each other.

Join Us

The Secret to Open Prayer Call

Every 4th Tuesday of the Month at Noon and 9pm EST for 30 minutes via Zoom.

If you are interested in joining our prayer team, please contact our prayer coordinator at

Wait For It

Waiting. Not fun for anyone. Whether it is waiting for something great, or something less than ideal, or something that you have no idea on which side of the line it will fall…waiting is hard. My most recent waiting game was at a football game. With 32 seconds left in the second quarter, just before […]

Do You Remember?

I have some amazing memories of my childhood. As a swimmer, many of those memories revolve around the swimming pool, meets, my teammates or my family headed to practice or meets. My brother and I swam together, and my mom carted us all around the southeast. She would run laps in the parking lot while […]

None Of Us Escape Alive

This week I attended a funeral/celebration of life of a dear friend of my family. Oddly, I spoke to several friends in the last couple of days who were also going to funerals this week. However tragic or expected death is, it happens for everyone. None of us escape this world alive. So what do […]

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