Snow Day!!!!

The excitement that used to surround a southern snow day is somewhat tempered when said snow day falls on an already declared school holiday, and in this day of virtual work and school, there is also less exuberance surrounding the spontaneous vacation mindset that comes with the threat of snow. Nevertheless, it is still a […]

My Dog Doesn’t Cuddle

My dog, Cubbie, is a high energy, alpha female that weighs about 38 pounds. Too big to pick up and carry. She is a sweet love, and will come and beg for you to pet her. If she wants more, she will put her nose under your hand and flip it back onto her head […]

525,600 Minutes

525,600 is the number of minutes in a standard year. That means we have 1440 minutes each day, 365 times. So what do we do with them? A new year is the catalyst for many to analyze the past year and to set goals for the upcoming year. I have historically not been that analytical […]

Not Your Normal Christmas

As I planned for this year’s Christmas celebration with my family, it never occurred to me: to schedule into the day a 4-hour drive to meet my 24-year-old son in his apartment parking lot while standing 15 feet away from him because he has Covid. other members of my family would not be able to […]

Diamond Necklaces, Spaghetti Boxes, and Play-Doh Hearts

Holiday gift-giving creates in people a vast array of feelings from peace to stress, from celebration to sadness and everything in-between. Being in the jewelry business, I see diamonds and watches and pearls and gold and silver being purchased to surprise and delight loved ones. There are those buying with true joy and excitement in […]

Are You Hands or Feet?

Some people have creativity oozing out of them. You ask them to create or decorate something with a theme, give them no other direction, and they can whip up a marvelous creation. I have some friends who just exhibited such talents at my church’s annual ladies Christmas dinner. There are approximately 25 dinner tables with […]

No Vacancy

The housing market is insane, apartment rents are sky high, sub-leases are practically unheard of…how can that be? I have friends who have put offers on houses and put 6-15% above asking price and they were outbid! Gone are the days of putting in an offer and having the owner accept or counter the offer. […]

Do NOT Put Up That Tree!

Yep, I’m one of those. Do not decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving! As I hypocritically pulled out my Christmas decorations 2 days before Thanksgiving this year due to a crazy upcoming schedule, I lamented the breaking of my own rule. But I refused to do any outdoor decorating where the neighbors could see my transgression, […]


I am so behind the times. I just hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine. There were things that the parents-to-be were receiving to accommodate this baby’s arrival that I truly wondered how some of them were dreamed up! Don’t get me wrong, most of this stuff is genius, and if I didn’t […]

What Lies Beneath

Jewelry has been fascinating people since the beginning of time. The Bible mentions gold, silver and gemstones as early as Genesis 2. There are various metals and gemstones used to create the decorative accessories, and one metal, in particular, emerges as the star among wearers: white gold. I find this fascinating because white gold is […]


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