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Wait For It

Waiting. Not fun for anyone. Whether it is waiting for something great, or something less than ideal, or something that you have no idea on which side of the line it will fall…waiting is hard. My most recent waiting game was at a football game. With 32 seconds left in the second quarter, just before […]

Do You Remember?

I have some amazing memories of my childhood. As a swimmer, many of those memories revolve around the swimming pool, meets, my teammates or my family headed to practice or meets. My brother and I swam together, and my mom carted us all around the southeast. She would run laps in the parking lot while […]

None Of Us Escape Alive

This week I attended a funeral/celebration of life of a dear friend of my family. Oddly, I spoke to several friends in the last couple of days who were also going to funerals this week. However tragic or expected death is, it happens for everyone. None of us escape this world alive. So what do […]

Take Me Away

There is an old commercial where people are going about their daily lives and the stressors of the day, (work, bills, family urgencies, vehicle problems, inclement weather, etc.) all mount on top of one another until the noise and chaos bring the person to a breaking point, and they yell “Calgon, take me away!” The […]

Take It All Off

You be you. I have heard this phrase 3 times just today. I sort of used that fact as an affirmation of what to write about. But what does “you be you” really mean? In today’s culture, these 3 words are used as both permission and an encouragement to live in any way that expresses […]

Lῐve Lῑve

Enjoying music, sporting events, ocean sounds, mountain vistas, fireworks, for me, is a beautiful pastime. For me, however, experiencing any of those things LIVE and in person, takes it to the next level. There is nothing better than experiencing joyful things in a multi-sensory way. The sounds, the smells, the emotions, the companionship, perhaps the […]

Free Hot Dog

I love baseball. It hasn’t always been that way. When I was younger, I would make myself scarce when my dad would put it on tv because it seemed like the longest way to spend 3ish hours. Golf was in that same category. Then I met a man who loves the game and had a […]

Discipline = Reward

Raise your hand if you are an Olympics junkie like me, and you are currently suffering from OFS (Olympic Fatigue Syndrome). If I didn’t have any other obligations or need to sleep and have some personal hygiene, I would watch the events 24/7. I am mesmerized as incredible talent meets disciplined hard work and preparation […]

Can You Hear Me Now, God?

I have a recurring dream. I am frantically trying to get someone’s attention to help me escape an impending catastrophe. I try to speak, and the words come out sounding like a soundtrack that got jammed up at such slow speed that my words are intelligible and the person I am trying to urgently communicate […]

The Most Important FaceTime

There are some locations where the “can you hear me know” mantra just isn’t funny. Perhaps you are trying to relay some important information, and you see “poor connection” on your phone. Maybe you haven’t talked to someone in a long time and the connection is constantly refreshing or freezing up. You are having a […]