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Smile Don’t Cry

“Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Suess I say that this quote is one of my favorites, but do I like the sentiment, or do I really try to live it? Hmmm. I do tend to lament the ending of something that was beautiful or fun or exhilarating. This week […]

Eyes to See

Have you ever looked at any “Magic Eye” images? They are pictures of what looks like patterns of colors and shapes, but if you are able to change your focus, you can actually see a three-dimensional image jumping out of the pattern. Try it on the picture I’ve included.* These pictures are a fascinating optical […]

Are You My Mother?

Mother’s Day reminds me of the children’s Dr. Seuss book Are You My Mother? by PD Eastman, about a baby bird that hatches while his mother is away. He then sets about the task of finding his mom. He asks everything from animals to inanimate objects if they are his mother. His last ask is […]

Celebrate Good Times – Come On!

We do birthdays big and long in my family. It’s a cause to celebrate the gift of having you in our lives. You get signs hung from the ceiling, special privileges, presents and lots of cake…depending on the number and times you celebrate with friends and family, it could be more parties and cakes than […]

Burn Baby Burn

“I saw a copperhead!” This was all it took to get my mom wholeheartedly set on burning the 20’ x 20’ and 3 foot deep leaf and lawn clipping pile in the backyard. “It is housing rodent and snake nests. It needs to go!” So, despite the week’s rain and the wind advisory for the […]

See Ya In Paradise

Jesus, Savior of the world, King of the universe, humble blue-collar servant, sinless human was crucified and died between two criminals on a cross. There is much speculation, but no consensus as to exactly what crime these two men committed. Regardless, these two men saw the exact same Jesus. One was changed and met Jesus […]


In an airport in Barcelona many years ago, I saw my life flash before my eyes. The airport began to shake hard as a loud rhythmic reverberation enveloped us. This sound was accompanied by an inaudible chanting and it seemed like everyone was running in a frenzied manner toward something that was beyond what we […]

Maintain Your Lane

Cars don’t fly…yet. Oh, there are several that have been test-flown and are awaiting approval, by both the DOT and the FAA. Yep, you will need both a driver’s license and a pilot’s license to operate them. You will also need lots of cash – like $1.5M, give or take. So, while we wait for […]

Look Up

You can always tell when someone is “on a mission.” They have their eyes fixed on something ahead that is far beyond their eyesight, their pace is sure and usually rapid, and their approachability vibe is non-existent. If one of us on said mission is on a path where the footing becomes irregular, or treacherous, […]

Do Not Feed the Alligators

During a recent trip to Florida, I was reminded that it has a great deal of inland water. There are lakes and canals and ponds and inter-coastal waterways and the like. I was also reminded that there are a fair number of alligators who much enjoy this warm, wet environment, and it is not uncommon […]