See Ya In Paradise

Jesus, Savior of the world, King of the universe, humble blue-collar servant, sinless human was crucified and died between two criminals on a cross. There is much speculation, but no consensus as to exactly what crime these two men committed. Regardless, these two men saw the exact same Jesus. One was changed and met Jesus in heaven that very day. Here are some possible thoughts of the criminal-turned-saint:


Mom always said that my bad decisions would be the death of me…turns out she was right. Here I am, condemned to die for my actions. My buddy and I always joked that a best friend doesn’t bail you out of jail, he is in jail next to you. Well, here we are. It’s not so funny now.

The soldier guarding us just told me that I’m lucky that I didn’t tick off all of the religious leaders like the one called Jesus. Lucky?  I’m getting crucified, man!  You call that lucky? That man Jesus did get a pretty vicious scourging first though. So. Much. Blood. He is so jacked up that he doesn’t even look human. I don’t know how he is standing. If I’m being honest, I’m so scared I can barely stand, myself.

They’re here for me.  (big intake of breath and slow exhale) Here we go…

That Jesus guy doesn’t look so tough. Boy, I’m beginning to see what that soldier was talking about calling me lucky.  As bloody as He is, the crowd and the religious guys are still yelling at Him, hitting Him, spitting on Him. What is on His head? It looks like a…a…crown? But it is made out of those spiky thorns. He has blood oozing from every single part of His body. He looks dead on His feet.  He must have done something unspeakable!

Well– serves Him right if He made so many enemies.  Wait—did someone just call Him Miracle Worker?  Could this be the same guy that did all the stuff that defied reason?  …healing people and bringing them back from the dead? HA! Some Miracle Worker! What crime could He have committed? Man, He really messed with the wrong crowd!  All I ever heard was that He taught love and forgiveness stuff…ugh!  Maybe these idiots were just jealous at the following He was amassing.

Those religious guys really going after Him… No response…weakling!  Can’t you even stand up for yourself! Maybe with His mass of followers He tried to overthrow one of them, or came against their religion, or maybe even Ceasar by the way even the soldiers are going at him – do they think they are so tough beating and bullying a walking dead guy! Look how he handles it, though. SILENT! Grrr (teeth are gritted now), if someone did that to me – What a wimp!  I would have spit on that guy who pulled out a clump of my beard…and I’d have slugged the guy up in my face like that!  Wonder why He doesn’t say anything? Why don’t you fight back…don’t you hear what they are saying? Give ‘em a fight!”

Roman pigs! This beam is so heavy! I can’t believe we have to carry the cross they are going to kill us on!  I can see why they pulled that Simon guy in to help Jesus.  I don’t know how He is walking at all. He’s bleeding so much…I need to make sure I don’t slip on His bloody trail.

…Whew… I…. don’t….know if I…. can… do… this!  I can’t let them see my fear…can’t…let them…see….Stand up!….stand up for heaven’s sake!

Look at that guy.  He is actually moving forward without their prodding…almost as if He is “letting” this happen.  What is he thinking?

Ok, okaaay! You don’t have to throw me on the ground! I can hardly stand anyway! Oh by the gods…here it comes….
AnchorAloud “grrrrrrr, ahhhhhhhhh”…..the naaaails,
“ahhhhhhh”, (breathing, screaming) “Scum bag Romans, I hope you all die!  The wrath of the gods on you all!”

•  •  •


There is such a crowd under this Jesus man. Some shouting and a few are crying. Is that His MOM? I am so glad my mom isn’t here to see me like this! I can barely turn my head, but I must get a glimpse of Him…  Still no sound…

Oh…He’s speaking……………what did He say?!  Forgive them?
Is he out of His mind!  A pool of blood beneath Him, His own blood, and He says forgive them?  Curse them, I say! Who is this fella’? Could he be?????

Gods of Rome, help me… oh the pain! He is so much more marred than I am, yet so silent… I wonder if He’s still alive?

Wait, He’s speaking again…..He…He is seeing to his mom? Who is this guy, Jesus? I cannot compile a thought in my head save for my pain……

What did my buddy say?  Now you, too, would hurl insults at this silent man?

What is this feeling coming over me? I  think… no, wait…….. I DO!……. I—KNOW! HE IS! He is exactly who His followers claim – a King! And He is NOT of this world!

Aloud: “Hey, dude! Have you no respect for God?  We are getting what we deserve! This man did nothing to deserve His punishment!………………..Jesus…….remember me…… when you come into your kingdom………”


©3/28/2004 – for His glory
©4/1/2009, 4/17/2022 – revised

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