I am so behind the times. I just hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine. There were things that the parents-to-be were receiving to accommodate this baby’s arrival that I truly wondered how some of them were dreamed up! Don’t get me wrong, most of this stuff is genius, and if I didn’t have to wade back through potty training and the teenage years, I might find myself wishing I could go back and do it again with my kids, just for the stuff! Alas, I will wait til grands come to try it all out.

I also got an education on what is “necessary” in baby-world. I learned that for teething, not any old freezable vinyl toy will do, but it must be a special giraffe. For the mom, there is a lactation massager which conjures up many thoughts for which I may need therapy. To haul baby’s arsenal around, the heinous paisley diaper bags of old are no more! Now they are so stylish that even guys can carry one without losing their man-card. Baby’s clothes have me a little jealous at the fashion of this incoming generation as they sport their designer jeans, shoes and accessories. For baby’s recreation, a swing is no longer a swing, but a tricked out, lights and sound, multi-directional, multi-speed contraption that much resembles a ride at an amusement park.

Having a baby has evolved, as is evidenced by the fact that the accoutrements surrounding this ancient practice have multiplied a million-fold! However, the fact is that the baby human itself is now no greater or no less of a miracle as it was back when Eve had her first child. There is a REASON much fuss is made over a new life coming to be! The fact that God creates a brand-new being from 2 uniquely separate, microscopic chromosomes coming together, from two uniquely separate, existing humans is so far above outstandingly spectacular that there is no word in all of creation to encompass just how amazing this is! The circumstances by which this new life comes to be may either challenge our appreciation of this miracle or enhance it exponentially, but the wonder of a brand-new life is still a showstopper created by THE Creator.

Let’s pause to think about what The Creator did in making humans. He made the first two from dirt (which He also created) and a rib of the human he made from said dirt. He made two totally different, yet complimentary, self-propelling, self-thinking, self-emoting humans which needed each other to replicate. As these, and we, humans grow, we learn from life experiences to either repeat behaviors and activities, or to depart from them. The intricacies contained in each human being are still being studied and learned. I don’t believe we will ever fully know all there is to know about the human body. When we thought that the atom was the smallest particle we would ever know about, we kept discovering that there were smaller and smaller parts to each atom. How much more is there to learn about the human body? Only God knows. Literally.

Regarding the awe we should have at the depth of knowledge of that God has of us, David the Psalmist “got it”. In a prayer of praise that he offered to God in Psalm 139, He said to Him, You know everything about me: my thoughts, my activities, my words – before they are even spoken. I can never escape your presence because you don’t/won’t leave me – no matter how high or low I am physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You knew me before I was. You then planned and made every part of me before it was even known that I existed. David offers this thanks and praise to the Lord in verses 17 and 18: “How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! I can’t even count them; they outnumber the grains of sand!” This was a striking thought to David and it should be for us, too: The Creator of the universe who is unfathomable in every way, KNOWS us! Me. You.

So, remember next time you are celebrating a new life and run across stuff that you’ve never heard of that is “necessary” to support and sustain this little life: YOU TOO are a life that is KNOWN and CELEBRATED by the Creator who adores you, and lovingly considers you, more times in your life than there are grains of sand.

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