The Most Important FaceTime

There are some locations where the “can you hear me know” mantra just isn’t funny.

  • Perhaps you are trying to relay some important information, and you see “poor connection” on your phone.
  • Maybe you haven’t talked to someone in a long time and the connection is constantly refreshing or freezing up.
  • You are having a deep conversation and words and intentions start getting broken up, and one or both of you get frustrated or mad.
  • You are having an interview and you misunderstand a question, or they misunderstand an answer… oh my!
  • You know how these stories go.

There is a FaceTime connection that is incredibly important, where you will never have connection issues, or busy signals, or “call declined” vibes. God is not only ready to listen to us every day, but WANTS to hang out with His loved ones, His creation, US!

Close friends or family sometimes spend time on a FaceTime call by calling, then just leaving the line open and going about their activity, or day. They talk a good bit initially, then they fall silent, speaking only every now and then to narrate what they are doing or to say what is on their mind as it occurs to them. Another component of a call is to simply enjoy the silence, knowing that their loved one is there.

This is a great illustration of “praying without ceasing” as God tells us to do in I Thessalonians 5:17. We start with some focused time with Him, so that we reinforce our awareness of His nearness and the closeness of our relationship; then we keep the line open. This FaceTime also reminds us WHO it is that we are going to: The Creator of the universe who is ABLE to handle ANY of our stuff! If I need to lift or carry something heavy, I’m going to ask my son or my husband to do it because they are stronger than me, and the things that are heavy for me, are easy for them. Why would I choose to struggle under the weight of something, if someone more capable was present and able? GOD is PRESENT and ABLE!

Once our focus and connection to Him is established, we can tweet Him through the day with our praise, joys, requests, and thanks as they come. No one celebrates with us better than the God who provides the things that we enjoy and get excited about. No one comforts better than the God who cherishes us as His precious child who needs to be held.

When we chat with our friends, we view it as a privilege and a fun thing we look forward to. Our FaceTime with Him is the same; it is a “get to”, not an obligation or a “have to”. We can tell Him ANYTHING. When we are with a friend, we don’t always have that luxury. No matter how close a friend or family member is, we sometimes find ourselves holding back our grief to keep from bringing them down, being a burden or spoiling their joy. In the same vein, we hold back our joy if our loved one didn’t receive that same joy, or if for some reason, our joy was their loss. With God, we can be in the “cone of silence”. We can communicate with just Him, and be totally honest without judgment or fear of hurting His feelings. We can celebrate with Him with no holding back. We can chat away with Him about how we really feel in every situation.

Intentionally connecting with God keeps us from unintentionally drifting away from Him. We stay close to the One who is always available. He is waiting for our call!

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